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Science and technology have changed our life thoroughly throughout the history, especially in the last century. There is a prevailing understanding about science and technology among the general public that they are the same thing of two different names but they are acutally two things. Science is kind of series of theorrtical concepts and people can accept it or not, and it will not affect commom peoples life to a large extent, but its a different way when it comes to technology because technology has more pratical effect on people.I imagine a lot about lives in the future. I think two words can summarize my imagination. The first word is fast. In the future, we will have more quickly transportation means. Now matter how far we go, it takes only a short time. With the development of science and technology, we can travel to the moon, Mars or somewhere outer space. People may can live in other planets. The second word is convenient. Because of the fast development of our society, many work can be done by computers or even robots. Lots of things are fully automated. Humans just need to give some simple instructions to complete complecated tasks.
Our life will change greatly in the future. In the future, every family will own at least one computer, with which we can shop online without going out. That is really fantastic. Also, robots will be employed by every family. They can help do much of the housework. Therefore family members will have more free time to spend time together. In the future, kids dont need to attend school any more. There is internet access in every family, with the help of which kids can study by themselves.將來的生活嗎?bSweat is the lubricant of success.,
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